Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Remove Windows Password

All computer users set password to their system to protect from unauthorized access. Sometimes it may happen that we may forget our password. In such times we have no option but to format. Recently I found a new technique that I want to share with all of you. To remove password from windows simply follow the following steps.

1] Start your computer and go to Advanced start up menu by pressing F8 while your system is starting.
2] Select "Safemode with Command Prompt"

There is a DOS external command that we can use to remove password. The syntax for the command is as follows.

Syntax : net user useraccountname newpassword

If you have a user account with Ravi name then you can try the command as

net user Ravi abc

Where Ravi is the User account name and abc is the new password given to the Ravi account.

After completing the steps mentioned above, restart your system and log in into the account with the new password.

Note : This method will not work if you set password while installing windows operating system.